The Approach to better climbing.

Objective: The Calculated Stoke

Climbing is a great sport, but the progression is often not linear and some can get bogged down on lower grades. I have a dataset of 600 climbers that i can use to provide insights on where you stand in the community and provide suggested workouts to level up.
more information about the project can be found at the VOC trip page.
more information about the analysis can be found here.

The Form

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The current dataset.

This is an interactive visualization of the dataset

For instance: If one would like to know the percentage of male outdoor climbers climbing a certain grade, one would only select the orange legend

The Ewbanks Grading System

Running from 1 to 35 the Ewbank climbing grade system, uses one number to represent the technical difficulty, exposure, length, quality of rock, protection and any additional factors that contribute to the difficulty of a route.

Ewbanks is cool, but i only know my routes as 5.10 or 5.8 (Yosemite Decimal System). You can convert the grades here.

New Additions.

  • Josh Thorsteinson
  • Charlotte Olagnon
  • Ethan Somji
  • Alex Dimitrakopoulos

Linear Relationship between Rope Machines and Buff Boulders

KNN (K nearest neighbours) is a classification algorithm.

The data collected is of different climbing styles and types. This is a way of plotting them in which most/all of the points of each type are near each other.

Primary basis of my analysis, these clusters would be used to recommend training and routes.

Climbing Grades and Research